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Data Protection Act

Please make sure that you either show this statement to anyone covered by this policy, or inform them of its contents, before you buy this product online.

To set up and administer your policy AXA PPP healthcare limited will hold and use information about you and any family members covered by your policy, supplied by you, those family members, medical providers or your employer. Please ensure that you only provide us with sensitive personal information, such as health information, about other people with their agreement. When you give us this information we will take this as confirmation that you have consent to do so.

We send personal and sensitive personal information in confidence for processing by other companies and intermediaries including those located in countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA) including to countries where the laws protecting personal information may not be as strong as in the EEA. We take steps to ensure that any sub-contractors give at least the same protections as we do.

As the legal holder of the insurance policy we send correspondence about the policy, including claims correspondence to the policyholder. If any person over 18 that you intend to insure under the policy does not want us to do this they must apply for their own policy.

By clicking on Continue below you indicate that you have authority to give consent on behalf of any family members covered by your policy and on your own and their behalf you consent to the use of personal information in the ways described above.

We are required by law, in certain circumstances, to disclose information to law enforcement agencies about suspicions of fraudulent claims and other crime. We will disclose information to third parties including other insurers for the purposes of prevention or investigation of crime including reasonable suspicion about fraud or otherwise improper claims. This may involve adding non-medical information to a database that will be accessible by other insurers and law enforcement agencies. We are obliged to notify the General Medical Council or other relevant regulatory body about any issue where we have reason to believe a medical provider’s fitness to practice may be impaired.

By clicking on 'Continue' you’re agreeing to allow AXA PPP International, and other members of the AXA group, to inform you by letter, telephone, email or mobile message of its products and services. We record all calls.